case 1: CXM to achieveing above average financial successes through engaged customers

Initial Situation:

  • Support of selected dealerships aof a car manufacturer to improve cusomer engaement, loyalty and reference by a Customer Experience Management program
  • In line with an international initiative dealers shall be supported to create an agole corporate culture and to achieve above average financial successes through unique USP`s 

What was done:

  • Preparation of management and team for a team member engagement survey.
  • Agreeing company specific goals
  • Executing of specific and suitable initiatives, such as short training sessions, leadership and team trainings, follow-on coaching sessions.

Time required: One day meetings, including short trainings and coaching sessions, monthly for approx. 6 months

Methodes used:

  • Team mamber survey
  • Leadership and team trainings, such as Positive Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Team Interfaces, Giving Feedback, Resolving Conflict
  • Large and small group moderation
  • Coaching of leadership and teams

Lessions learnt:

  • The combination of short trainings followed up by coaching sessions proved to be very effective to tarnsfer the knowhow of the trainings into daily practice. 
  • Key for success is highest leadership support and active involvement.


Imprived leadership skills, attitudes and behaviors, resulting into measurable improved team engagement (acc. to team survey), to imprvoved consumer survey results, to measurable improved consumer engagaement, ie. loyalty and reference