Case 4: Conflict Resolution with Managers and Departments

Initial Situation: 

  • A 2nd generation privately owned car dealership since years suffers under a heavy conflict between sales and after-sales
  • The conflict prohibits any effective team work between the teams and as a result the customer experience is rather limited

What was done: 

  • Analysis of the history of the conflict, the attitude, the today´s causes and behaviors of all conflict partners
  • Training sessions on topics such as Giving Feedback, Non Violent Communication
  • Coaching sessions for managers and team


  • One days visits with trainings and coaching sessions, monthly for approx 6 months

Lessions learnt: 
  • Deeper analyzing the situation showed that the conflict was already inherited by the ancessor´s generation (farther and uncle of the current owner), who run sales adn afet sales repectively. The current situation was therefore a continuation of an corporate culture with mutual adcriptions and depreciations, and as a result many toxic behaviors became daily routine, which ended up in a circulus vitiosus.
  • By bringing this fact on the surface and by working on today´s conflict causes, and by training and appreciative coaching measures  ew energy was generated to produce sufficient energy for coachee´s reflections and to stop the circulus vitiosus.
  • The process of monthly meetings with training and follow on coaching sessions, where we successes and faults and the reasons behind proved to be an effective methode.


  • It took about 5 months to substiantially improve the coropate culture, but since then cross departmental team work is working effectively. Some few team members who were not able to adopt to the new culture left the company. However, the complete leadership team stayed on board and the engagement of the whole team, measured by annual team member engagement surveys, dramatically improved.